Founders Club



As Alfred Dubois-Lizée Founder you would build with us this brand! Join us and take a magic ride from the past to the future!

Your contribution will create with us – a world class, iconic brand, that is being offered to spirit lovers all around the world. Your contribution will create work places and will build tight bond between Clients and Cognac & Armagnac producers. Your contribution would be recognized as unique project – we are building together a community across the globe.

What are the Benefits for you?

We value you as our Founder and your support will be rewarded with a range of exceptional benefits:

1/ Official Certificate of Alfred Dubois-Lizée Founder (individually numbered),
2/ Official ‘Founders Edition’ Set – 1 bottle of Cognac + 1 bottle of Armagnac –limited to 888 Sets worldwide (top quality liquid sourced by us),
3/ Official Alfred Dubois-Lizée tasting glass (engraved with brand logo),
4/ Official Digital NFT Token of Alfred Dubois-Lizée listed @Open Sea platform by our sister company Lux Coin Mint (tokens are individually numbered and limited to 888),
5/ Cognac & Armagnac limited & ultra-rare editions allocated to Founders only,
6/ lifetime rebate of 10% for all Alfred Dubois-Lizée projects,
7/ physical token to put into your wallet as your talisman of the Founder.

What is the process?

We would be delighted if you join us. Therefore, please send us contact form (menu ‘Contact’) specifying your data and shipping address.

We will send you by email: Draft Founders Certificate, allocated Founders individual number, Pro Forma for Founders Club Membership (once-off fee). After receiving a wire from you, we will mint Digital NFT Token of Alfred Dubois-Lizée allocated to you. You would see your Token listed @Open Sea platform.

As next step, we will send you Founders Pack to your delivery address.

You would be added to closed email distribution group and we will be sending you all the updates on brand evolution.

How Founders Club Membership is valued?

Founders Club Membership is valued by the amount of 500 EUR as once-off payment based on Pro Forma Issued. This amount is used 100% for building this brand and our Founders community.

How do we follow up on a value of your Digital NFT Token?

As the brand would be growing in value over time, your individual Digital NFT Token would be also growing in value. At minting day we will list your Digital NFT Token with a value of 0,3 ETH and if you have your Metamask Wallet, we could transfer Token to you. If you don’t have your Metamask Wallet – do not worry, we will be keeping your Token allocated for you.

If one day Digital NFT Token Alfred Dubois-Lizée would hit valuation of 1 ETH (or more) – you would still have the right to transfer it to your Metamask Wallet or simply ask us to sell it to the market on your behalf.

Alfred Dubois Lizee brand book 1
Alfred Dubois Lizee brand book 2
Alfred Dubois Lizee brand book 3
Alfred Dubois Lizee brand book 4