Alfred Dubois-Lizée Hors d’Age is half a century of tradition, knowledge and experience in liquid. This beverage was composed using an average of 50-year-old cognacs, which proudly present the richness and capabilities of our brand.

Note: Cognac refined and very well built. A rich and complex nose of great finesse with clearly marked aromas of baked apple. In the mouth clean and harmonious with notes of vanilla. At the end, it leaves us for a long time with a pleasant, light, fruity aftertaste.

Recommendation: Good glass and a quiet moment that allows you to enjoy a rich bouquet of aromas without hurry. A great complement to the most important moments or a way to show the utmost respect to our guests or business partners.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée Hors d’Age
Alfred Dubois-Lizée Hors d’Age