How it started?

Some projects are just combination of: patience for the right moment, a coincidence and open mind to ‘welcome’ what presence is offering us.

Alfred Dubois-Lizée, a historic cognac brand, was bought in 2018 by Lukasz Baranowski (Founder of Jack Tar & Lux Coin) from Braastad family –  based in Jarnac, France – Owners of the reputable Cognac House Braastad/Tiffon. As the brand originated in 1830 and was reputable over past decades, Lukasz dream was to arrange its re-vival. Today we invite you to this 200 years journey that is being continued.

Among Jack Tar Team we said: “selected Cognacs and Armagnacs could be bottled under Alfred Dubois-Lizée with full disclosure of the provenance of the liquid – as there are fantastic spirits we would like to share with the world.”

As in the old days – we are acting like “negotiant” – bringing you the best possible spirits to enjoy wit us. Please discover our Bottles, Series, Single casks, Dame Jeannes. Please feel free to type to us and order. Our bottlings have received beautiful reviews worldwide.

About the brand

Alfred Dubois-Lizée is a brand with almost two hundred years of history. It has always been associated with the Charente river valley and the great cognacs that are produced in this place. It provides an unforgettable experience for lovers of French drinks and impresses with its complexity.

Our symbol – our history

Our sign dates 1830 and presents our history and our values. The symbol includes a wooden barrel, which clearly shows what our profession and our mission is. The goal of our brand is to create unique spirits that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

An integral part of the sign is the figure of a young woman in a white dress, which is a symbol of purity. On the fabric she holds, there is the letter “V”, which is an abbreviation of the Latin word “veritas”, meaning truth. This is a guideline and an order to act given to us by our predecessors. We have to be reliable in what we do and honest with customers.

The dress adorning the female figure represents the empire style, popular in Europe at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was part of the fascination with ancient art of Greece and Rome. It is an element showing the time of creation of our brand. The burning of our mark in this respect is the number 1830, which is the year of foundation of the Alfred Dubois-Lizée brand.